Israel Studies - Introduction

The Department of Israel Studies offers a multidisciplinary approach to the land of Israel as a geographical unit, and to the historical processes and changes which took place throughout the history of this land.

The study program focuses mainly on the history [in its broad sense] of the different nations and peoples who acted, lived and still live in the space of Palestine/Eretz-Israel, and in the State of Israel. Accordingly, the program comprises a variety of disciplines, such as: History, Physical Geography, Historical Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, and Cultural Studies of the country.

The particular interests of the Dept. of Israel Studies are the land itself, its inhabitants in past and present, its landscapes and its unique mosaic of people and nations.

The Area Studies approach, strives to develop in our students the ability and competence to understand the land of Israel, its physical components, and its historical uniqueness. It also prepares our students to teach, guide tourists and pupils, and conductingresearches on present and past events, processes and changes which shaped landscapes of the country. ..

A special channel of expertise within the program, is the track for licensed Tourist Guides, which enriches our students with academic background that is essential for their future profession.